Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Talent Camp 2019


  1. The competition is divded into 2 categories: Beginner and Advanced. Applicants with less than 100 hours of Autocad (2D or 3D) or any other 3D-CAD Education will be considered as Beginners, Applicants with 100 or more hours of such education will be considered to be Advanced. 1 Academic Year at any school will be counted as 40 weeks. Having 2 hours per week for 1 Year will count as 80 hours. Professionals without a formal education, but more than 1 year of daily use in their work will also be considered to be Advanced
  2. Priority Seat at Event:
    • Those Applicants who activate “I bring my Laptop” checkbox have to preinstall and activate the CADT Software before the event and bring their Hardware to the event! This will guarantee their seat at the event.
    • Those Applicants who don´t activate “I bring my Laptop” will not receive their own License and will be scheduled to use a computer provided by the organizer. The number of computers provided by the organizer is limited to 25 Computers for Beginners and 25 computers for Advanced Participants. The Organizer reserves the right to select who will receive a organizers computer and who will be rejected to attend the event.
  3. Requirements for Beginner participants:
    • 11th & 12th Grades of Senior High School (Student Card attached),
    • Participant has less than 100 hours of Autocad (2D or 3D) or any other 3D-CAD Education and less than 1 year of daily use of 3D CAD Software at their work,
    • Students of Senior High School/Vocational High School/Islamic High School (SMA/SMK/MAN) (11th & 12th Grades) and College Students who are new in using AutoCAD, google sketch-up and others,
    • Participants must make their own hand sketch and then upload it into registration website (size max. 10 MB).
  4. Requirements for Advanced Participants :
    • Professionals or college students skillfull in AutoCAD, Google SketchUP! or others with more than 100hours of Education or more than 1 year of daily use at work.
    • The participants must make their own hand sketch and then upload it into registration website,
    • Participants must scan and upload their own designs made with AutoCAD, google sketch-up and others in PDF or JPEG format (max. 10 MB),
  5. The age of the participants must not be younger than 15 years and not older than 30 years at the first day of the event.
  6. Applicants younger than 15 Years must provide a permission of their Parents and a copy of the passport of the signing person. See Registration Page.
  7. All participants must have valid passport of minimum 2 years as of the date of competition
  8. Participants must scan and upload their design sketches and interior designs into registration website.
  9. Participants can practice by downloading CAD+T software from the websites
  10. YouTube link for CAD+T operation techniques can be seen at website : https://www.cadt-solutions.com/en/.


  1. Participants must complete registration form online (click here to open the form)
  2. Registration deadline: July 2019
  3. Participants must scan and upload the following documents:
    • a. Scanned passport (max. 10 Mb)
    • b. Scanned hand sketch (max. 10 Mb)
    • c. Scanned rendering images of AutoCAD, google sketch-up or others (max. 10 Mb)*

Judging System

  1. The Jury will conduct administrative selection to Talent Camp 2019 participants,
  2. The results of administrative selection to Talent Camp 2019 participants will be announced on this website on September 2019,
  3. The Jury can disqualify participant on the grounds of: Inaccurate information filled in registration form during the competition.
  4. Only the Participants who activated “I will bring my Laptop” will receive detailed Information about how to download and activate their Software
  5. By activating this checkbox they agree to the terms and conditions about the software, especially that they are not allowed to forward the Software or the license to any other person and that the Software is for the Use at the Talent camp and the preparation only.
  6. CAD+T has the right to reject any software license without any reported reason.